Generative data installation

AMYGDALA is a generative data installation which listens to shared thoughts and interprets states of mind, such as happiness, anger, sadness, disgust, amazement, and fear. The subsequent data is translated and gathered into an audiovisual work capable of representing the collective emotional state of the net, and its changes on the basis of events taking place around the world.

AMYGDALA’s objective is to make visible the flow of data and information constantly being created by users that may be heard and interpreted by anyone to stimulate a reflection on the opportunities and dangers of our present digital revolution. Big Data may in fact be used to monitor the spread of an epidemic in real time, or to prevent a crime and improve the safety of a city; likewise, they may also be exploited by companies and institutions to store – often unknown to us – infinite quantities of information on our own private lives. Awareness of and familiarity with these mechanisms may empower us to protect individual and collective free speech. Read more on Vice.


multiverse & N

Realtime A/V installations

Multiverse is an audiovisual installation that explores the evolution of infinite possible universes through the use of generative graphics and sounds, exploiting the theorization of the existence of the so-called multiverse: a system composed of an infinite number of universes coexisting parallel to us.
Using the creation of realtime digital paintings, the installation attempts to represent the eternal birth and death of infinite parallel universes—a theory set forth by Lee Smolin, an American theoretical physicist.

Multiverse aims to create a relationship of great intimacy with the viewer while maintaining the hierarchies between its two main characters: the ephemeral and vulnerable human figure, and the vast incomprehensibility of the universe.

N was born from the desire to explore, interpret and represent nature’s laws, to attempt to recreate its processes, and to trigger in the viewer the impression of being in front of a living organism.

Using input including a building’s architecture, generated sound, and wind data, N’s output is an architectural projection—an environment where interactions between different elements take place.

The installation which was first presented in 2010 at NODE Festival was designed to evolve over time and to emphasize physical components of the net and the particle system. The result for audiences is a bespoke, one-of-a-kind audiovisual installation. Read more on Sedition.

snow fall

Interactive installation

Originally staged at Palazzo Santa Margherita in Modena, Italy, Snow Fall explores the potential of artificial viewing techniques in the artistic field for the first time. Images captured by video cameras are processed in real time, picking out the silhouettes of people and blocking the fall of snowflakes on the shadows that people project onto the wall. The first version was made with infrared camera, years before modern motion sensors were introduced to the mainstream market. With ongoing development and new hardware and software, the level of interaction preserves the powerful concept, augmented with soundscapes. The installation was adapted to 4k in 2019 for the Everything in Existence exhibition at Artechouse in Washington, DC, revealing rich details to the audience which were not visible before. Read more on Architect Magazine.

An unexpected synesthesia of pure cognitive escape
— Exibart


fuse* is a studio and production company at the intersection of art and science, exploring the expressive potential of emerging digital technologies. Since the studio's birth in 2007, its research has focused primarily on producing installations and live-media performances capable of profound audience engagement, amplifying the emotional impact of the narration.

The studio's ongoing evolution allows for an ever-increasing holistic approach to the creation of new projects. With a culture that places high value on pure experimentation, the goal is to create works that inspire, push the limits and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound, and movement.

fuse* attributes its activity and development to its community and actively supports, promotes, and develops projects dedicated to propagating culture and knowledge. For this purpose, it has co-produced NODE, an electronic music and digital arts festival, since 2016.

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