On a daily basis, we are bombarded by brutal 24-hour news cycles that reveal the world's inhumane realities, the relentless social media updates and a slew of misguided microaggressions that construct a fabricated value in our lives.

Love Heals All Wounds delves past headlines to explore the heartstrings of our shared consciousness in relation to police brutality, mass incarceration and why the cycle of trauma needs to end. MAI’s evening-length dance performance is interwoven with spoken word, original music and projections to chart a movement towards reflection, growth and healing through sharing the dreams and visions of a world we create together.

Co-created and directed by MAI:
Jon Boogz and Lil Buck

Spoken Word Poetry by Robin Sanders

Choreographed and performed by MAI in collaboration with:
Marcus Battle, Nao Campbell, Reimy Jones, Trent Mendoza, Ron Myles, Alexa Nof, Quentin Robinson, Olga Sokolova, and composer/violinist Jason Yang

Dramaturg: Talvin Wilks

Writer/Creative Director: Robin Sanders

Original Music: Jason Yang

Projection Design: Lianne Arnold

Lighting Design: John E. D. Bass

Costume Design: Castille Ritter and Yöggx

Rehearsal Director: Reimy Jones

Assistant Choreographer: Nao Campbell

Costume Construction: Abby Stroot & Pincushion Las Vegas

Additional music by Chizzy, DBR, Parker & Marshall Mulherin, and Izzy Beats

Featured Voice Narration: Bryan Stevenson

Production Director: Chisa Yamaguchi

Producers: Rika Iino, Chisa Yamaguchi/Sozo Artists and MAI/Jon Boogz & Lil Buck

The New York Times:  Dancing to Improve the World

The New York Times: Dancing to Improve the World

The work deals with these prickly issues head-on and still comes away with a message of peace and brotherly love — and it carries it off in a genuine and thoroughly honest manner. Love Heals All Wounds could be the return of hip-hop as political theater.
— Palm Beach Daily News

Love Heals All Wounds was made possible by The Quiet Fund and the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Additional support was provided by The Arnhold Foundation and MHCS. Love Heals All Wounds was workshopped at Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts in Northridge, CA, and produced by Sozo Artists Inc. and MAI in partnership with Sozo Impact Fund and its fiscal sponsors Silicon Valley Community Foundation and WACO Theater Center. Special thanks to Associate Producers Steven Raider-Ginsburg and Candace Feldman.


Movement Art Is (MAI), co-founded by Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, is an organization that uses movement artistry to inspire and change the world while elevating the artistic, educational, and social impact of dance. Through movement art films, workshops, performances and exhibitions, MAI is resetting the spectrum of what dance is.

"We don’t believe dance is just entertainment. We believe dance is a tool to educate, a tool to empower. Our goal is not just to touch on socially conscious topics but to empower movement artists and dancers to say we’re artists too. We want to be considered on that level of a Picasso or a Basquiat," says Boogz. Lil Buck adds, "Things used to be like that. Fred Astaire and the Nicholas Brothers and Earl 'Snakeships' Tucker — it was a certain level of artistry, and their dancing was superior, and we don’t really have that anymore. Dancing has dropped to where it’s just background for an artist instead of dancers being at the forefront of their own artistry. We want to shift the mind-set of dancers."

MAI’s award-winning short film “Color of Reality” directed by Jon Boogz, featuring the art of Alexa Meade and the movement artistry of MAI, went viral in fall of 2016.  The film has gone to receive coverage internationally, won Great Big Story’s Art as Impact Award; Best Experimental at Toronto International Short Film Festival; and Concept Video of the Year from World of Dance, among others. MAI’s recent/upcoming projects include: a short film created in collaboration with DAIS entitled “AM i A MAN” (April 2017), a performance entitled “Honor Thy Mother” at TED Conference in Vancouver, a live rendition of “Color of Reality” at Aspen Ideas Festival (June 2017) and a VR collaboration with director Terrence Malick and Facebook launched at SxSW and Tribeca Film Festival in spring 2018.

The duo recently choreographed for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago with music composed by Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange, and is currently developing their first feature film.

For more information about Movement Art Is, click here.