“Witty and experimental” (London Evening Standard), Vertical Influences is a contemporary ice skating double-bill.

Masterfully wielding a unique virtuosity, “Influences” explores human interrelations and the the synapses between an individual and its group. Leadership, bullying, individualism, rivalry—“Influences” illuminates a group enduring dissonance but evolving toward a new harmony.

In “Vertical,” a jubilant group of five liberated individuals challenges the audience with a unique speed vertigo. This rhythmic choreographic essay is an immersive encounter between spectators and performers: the audience is seated on the ice surface in order to fully delve into the rapture of skating’s kinetic energy.

Vertical Influences has been presented more than 130 times for theaters doing off-site programming, integration in arts festivals, and creation of special attractions to revitalize ice rinks as a gathering place for community. With its own equipment, the company transforms standard ice-hockey rinks into pop-up theaters in ice rinks discreetly situated in all cities, or on outdoor rinks and temporarily installed ice—activating and casting new light on public gathering places.  

— The Guardian



Le Patin Libre (French for “Free Skate”) is a contemporary ice skating company which uses ice, skates and glide as mediums of storytelling. Founded in 2005 by former high-level figure skaters, they set out with the intention of transforming their athleticism into a means of free expression. Defying stereotypes of ice skating, Le Patin Libre’s dynamic choreography exposes the theatrical potential of glide.

What began as spontaneous demonstrations on frozen ponds, Le Patin Libre has evolved to become a premier international touring company under the artistic vision of Alexandre Hamel, activating skating rinks globally as a place where diverse audiences can gather and discover a new art form.

Committed to designing inclusive events, Le Patin Libre uses ice skating as an entry point to the arts as well as a way to create unforgettable experiences for audiences of all ages. The company transforms rinks into dance floors and playgrounds, sharing their passion for skating and creating an immersive and welcoming environment for all.

Le Patin Libre is based in Montréal, Canada.

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