Defying definition, the stirring work of Victoria Hanna depicts her ongoing experimentation with the vocal and conceptual boundaries of language to explore the mouth as creator.

Despite an impediment afflicting her speech from a young age, Hanna’s vocal art became her most powerful vehicle for expression, leading her to push the boundaries of sound and diction. Combining ancient Hebrew texts with modern, rhythmic sensibilities, much of the inspiration for the current work stems from her Jerusalem roots, where the juxtaposition of ancient and modern are at its very essence. She presents her hypnotic, beautiful, playful tapestry of letters, texts, and Aramaic hip-hop in multidisciplinary performances and workshops that are “devout and austere, and unveils an insightful artistic virtuoso who takes your breath away” (Ha’ir Tel-Aviv).

A native of one of Jerusalem’s religious neighborhoods and graduate of The Nisan Nativ Acting Studio, Hanna has benefited from lifelong immersion in tradition and ritual, and the mentoring of esteemed artists such as Elizabeth Swedos and Yaacov Agami. Performing internationally since the age of 20, Hanna has appeared at Israel’s premier venues, including the Ha’bima National Theater and the Israel Festival; the Brooklyn Academy of Music, La MaMa, Tonic and Joe’s Pub (New York); alongside Bobby McFerrin and Balkan Beat Box, and she opened the New Delhi Sacred Music Festival in front of the Dalai Lama. Hanna has been featured in music and film festivals across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.