Our social fabric is held together by cultural memory, community aspiration, and democratic institutions that foster American promise. Many of these institutions weren’t always built with the most inclusive and compassionate strategies in mind. Sozo Vision is a foundation shifter for any institution that’s ready to move culturally forward with wider social accountability and smarter community engagement practices.
— Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Sozo Vision collaborates with brands, cultural organizations, institutions and civic entities to hack consciousness and culture through curated convenings and dynamic program design. With diversity, equity, inclusion and compassion at the heart of our methodologies and modalities, we champion the role of artists as systemic disruptors and conduits of imagination, inspiration, and innovation.

Sozo Vision is a natural outgrowth of what has already been crafted by Sozo Artists. As a longtime paragon of perspective-changing art, Sozo Artists has an established international track record of sparking passion and action for pressing social and global conversations. An arbiter of the transformative power of creative inquiry and collaboration, Sozo’s success is steeped in the knowledge that the unexpected melding of disciplines and ideas begets new perspectives — and thus deeper curiosity, understanding and ultimately empathy and compassion.

Sozo Vision utilizes novel creative mindshare methodologies designed for crafting visionary approaches for teams and organizations. This approach injects artistry into dialogues and workshops, led by creative professionals in a range of disciplines including dance, music, spoken word, storytelling, architecture and visual art.

WE have COLLABORATED with brands such as:

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